Meet the Creators

7 Willows Studio is a husband and wife team, creating jewelry for more than 11 years. It all started way back when we lived in Europe and worked at the same jewelry atelier in Lithuania. Actually, that is how we met. First, we fell in love with jewelry making and then with each other. After a while we decided to open our own jewelry making studio. Our unique crystallized silver jewelry line was founded in 2006. Few years later we immigrated to the USA. We packed our "home", and our "studio" into a cargo ship and unpacked in San Diego, California. Although our new life in US was great, unfortunately our business suffered a huge step back.  We had to start everything  from the beginning, since all of our business associates, whole sellers, leads and vendors were very far from us, back in Europe. Life happens and people have to make choices and sacrifices. Ours was to close our studio, pack our things once more and move (again!) to Chicago IL, which was a better place for new immigrants to settle down- more work opportunities, lower cost of living. So that`s what we did. We were crying all the way while we were driving from San Diego to Chicago, but 7 years later we are still living here and now- even love living here! Sure, San Diego is still in the back of our minds, but perhaps more like a retirement destination. Now, here is our home. Now we are back in business. 
To us, creating jewelry does not feel as "business". It is our passion, our real life,and it is our life`s journey. We create, we travel, we live , we love- and jewelry making is always there. 7 years that passed by without jewelry felt as if we were frozen in time, not living but just barely existing, doing some boring stuff everyday- work, home, sleep, wake up, repeat...  There is a theory that our lives transform every 7 years.  It is true in our case.  We finally woke up. From storage we retrieved our jewelry making equipment, tools and materials, searched for a perfect space to establish an inspiring environment for a creative studio, and started social media interactions to see if people still remember us, and they do! Apparently they do and they miss us, they miss the jewelry, and they are waiting for us! Back then, in our previous life, as we like to joke, we were known as CRYSTALLUNA JEWELRY.  Now we are 7 Willows. Why? Well, 7- because it took us 7 years to go back to jewelry creating. Willows- because we are surrounded by willows. We live in Willowbrook, we work in Willow Springs, from one of the studio window we see Willow road, on our way to work from home, we count 3 "willow.." signs, of course there are also willow trees growing everywhere. We have decided that the name "Willow" would be a lovely name for our jewelry brand. People believe that the willow  tree possess magical powers and the ability to heal the sick and rejuvenate the aged. While our jewelry might not heal or stop the aging process, it definitely can make you feel awesome, gorgeous,and happy, which is exactly what makes us women feel rejuvenated.
It`s time to shine, ladies!
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